Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Barry M nail varnish review


I have recently purchase three new nail varnishes from Barry M. I got "Sequin Effects" (white), "Confetti" (blue) and "Textured" (light/mint green). I got them all for £3.99 each. Not a bad price!
Sequin Effects in white

The "sequin effects" polish comes in three different colours - white, pink and black. I went for the white as I thought the sequins would stand out more. Once applied, I love the way it looks, however, I'm not a huge fan of the texture as it's quite bumpy and gritty. Also, it's not the easiest to apply as you have to get the sequins equally laid out on the nail (you may have to do more than one layer) and can become quite messy! However, I love the colours of the sequins - red, blue, green, gold and silver - and doesn't seem to chip very easily (provided you use a top coat pf clear nail varnish).
Textured in light green

The textured nail varnish (correct name: Ridley Road textured nail paint) comes in light/mint green, blue, pink and yellow. This polish is my personal favourite out of the three. This is because I adore the colour and the texture! Once dried, it doesn't feel too bumpy. It's very easy to apply and is quite quick to dry. (Ha that rhymes).
It doesn't easily chip either, and it's not much effort to remove, although it is tougher than the average colour nail paint.

Confetti in blue/bubblegum

The confetti range of Barry M nail varnishes come in five different colours - blue (bubblegum), black (liquorice), pink (marshmellow), green (sour apple) and yellow (daily mixture). It's application isn't the easiest as you may have to do two or three coats in order to get enough confetti "bits" on the nail and for them to be evenly distributed. However, once dried, I quite like the texture! It's not overly bumpy, although it does feel a bit grainy. Allow yourself plenty of time to remove this polish though - it does take quite a while! Another criticism would have to be that it does chip quite easily so I would recommend using a top coat of clear nail varnish to give it more strength.

I'm also just going to add - Rimmel London "Stay Matte" powder! Again, just £3.99! I've been using this for a couple of years now and absolutely love it! In my opinion I think it's one of the best powders out there. It doesn't leave a "dusty" look on your skin and covers blemishes and imperfections easily. I loooooove it!
Stay Matte pressed powder - Rimmel London
Brush - "Ecotools"

What do you think about the Barry M nail varnishes?
Have you tried Stay Matte powder?

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Monday, 3 June 2013

I've been thinking...

           I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in my life.
I know that sounds quite deep, but I feel that normally by now everyone has figured out what they want to be, who they want to be. They want to make a difference, they want to be successful. But me? I have no idea what I'm going to do!
I know I'm not the only one, but I wish I could decide on my ambition. I know what the kind of things I want to do are. I know I want to go back to Africa, and possibly do some charity work over there. I know I want to travel to the most amazing and beautiful places. I know I want to take a gap year - to experience life how others experience it. I know I want to learn about different cultures and different music.

But in order to do all of that, first I need to figure out what I want to do here. For the next few years I'll still be in education. Within those few years I'm going to have to make some decisions about what I want to study. But how do you decide? How do you know you're doing the right thing? How do you know that the options you've chosen are going to lead you in the right direction?

I believe that the truth is - no one knows. But somehow, it all works out, doesn't it? Sometimes you might not get everything you ever wanted, but everything seems to fall into place. Isn't it weird how one decision you make now, can affect your future; who you'll make friends with; what kind of person you will become.
I know this blog is 'deep' and 'meaningful' but sometimes we all need to step back before we forget what we aim to do!

I'm not asking whoever is reading this to go away and take a depressing look on their lives or anything like that, I just wanted to say this just to take some perspective!

Please don't think I'm being all depressive and weird haha! But what are your ambitions? I want to know what you plan to do! 

I''ll see you next week!