Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Do you want to travel?

So I have absolutely no idea about what I want to do in the future. There's a good start haha! I do, however, know that I want to travel.

So recently I've been trauling the web, researching different trips and looking at different areas of the world. My favourites being: USA, Australia and New Zealand. Then my friend told me about RealGap. I don't know if you've heard about it, but it's a company that offers trips around the world at quite good prices, whether that's a year or a week away.

I was so excited about this particular trip called 'USA experience' it looks amazing! I really hope I can save up for a similar trip like this! 

If you want to check out their website then follow this link:
If you want to look at the USA experience trip, follow this link:

What do you want to do? Do you fancy travelling?:)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Barry M 'blueberry' nail varnish review!

The Barry m nail varnish in 'blueberry' is something that I bought a few weeks ago but have only used once. It's not in their Gelly collection but I still like the shiny finish! The colour is quite bright and so you only need one layer. It's easy to apply as the brush is quite a good size.  

Barry M has never let me down and so it continues to be my fave high street make-up brand! At only £2.99 this nail varnish is GREAT value for money! :)

What's your favourite high street brand?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

And it's back to work again...

Okay. So I am officially back to work. All the homework-free days are over, unfortunately, and I have to go back to school. However this year I have started sixth form and so everything is new and weird! I'm not used to the whole idea yet, but I'm loving meeting new people! 

I have taken 4 A-levels = English Language, Media, Business Studies, and Geography. I've had lessons in all of them now and I've really enjoyed them all (even though there's a lot more work haha). I guess it's because they are the subjects I chose to do, so therefore I find it more interesting to learn! 

I also love the independence that's included in sixth form. It's great how, on some parts of a certain day, you can work and study at home. I think I'll prefer A-levels to GCSE's, even though it's tougher!

I've also just got a job!!! Finally! I'm so happy at the moment as everything just seems to be working out haha! It's just weekend work - but it's perfect for me! I need to start saving for driving lessons, so hopefully it'll help! 

Have you started sixth form/college, a new year at school or university? Are you enjoying it? :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013

30 day snap #30!

#30 - Everything I love.

So basically I feel very blessed to have such amazing people around me all the time. So as this is my last '30 day snap' I thought I'd tell you a little bit about them. 

In the top left hand corner of the picture, it shows me and my best friend Laura. We've known each other from birth and have always been very close so as we aren't going to see much of each other in sixth form it's quite emosh!

The top middle photograph is of me and my sister. I don't love anyone more than her and she is my very best friend! (Awh!)
We are also very close and I don't know what I'd do without her!

I've had my dog Bonnie for 3 years now, and although lively and slightly hyper, I love her to bits! 

The bottom left picture is of me and my mum. I would have a picture of my dad too, but I really don't have many photos of him haha! (Oops). I love them both very much as they do so much for me.

The bottom right picture is a picture of my two closest friends. One of them being Laura and the other, Lily. They make me laugh so much and as you can probably tell from the picture we're quite weird together haha!

I feel like I've rambled on a bit but I can't say enough about these people! Of course there are many others I'd like to write about, but I'll save that for a different day. 

I've enjoyed doing the 30 day snap and glad that I stuck to it. I'll now return to writing weekly blogs (every Tuesday) which I am most looking forward to!

Hope you're all well!

Amy x