Sunday, 19 October 2014


I sit here right now in my new pyjamas watching strictly come dancing with almost my whole family on an autumn Sunday evening after a long day of work.
I've just finished a hearty meal and I am warm and cosy.
It is in these moments - as I sit between my mum and Granddad - that I realise just how lucky I am.
There's sort of a Christmassy feel as the familiar theme tune of 'Strictly' dances its musical notes around the room.

Every Sunday there's the discussions of "what time is Downton on?" And "anyone want anymore coffee?" Then they are repeated louder for my Grandad - who is almost completely deaf. I'm grateful that, although repetitive, these conversations are happy conversations.

I love them. I love my sister - who at the moment is playing with our hyperactive dog - and the way she makes my Nanna laugh.

Amy x