Sunday, 15 June 2014

Mixed Fruit Milkshake

So I chucked together this fruit smoothie/milkshake today and it turned out to actually be quite delicious! I thought I would share it on here as I have also done previous blog posts on recipes. It's so quick and easy to do and a good way to get your five a day! (But if you're anything like me, it also creates a lot of mess!)

Handfull of strawberries
1 Peach
1 Orange
A few chunks of pineapple
Handfull of grapes
Vanilla ice-cream

Use a juicer to squeeze the juice out of the orange

Chop up your peach and strawberries into small pieces

And then throw all the fruit ingredients into a blender and blend together

Next, scoop as much vanilla ice-cream as you want into the fruit concoction and blend together

Pour in a dash of milk and blend for the final time!

Voila! Enjoy! :)

Amy x