Thursday, 22 May 2014

My year so far in photographs

Just a quick blog post to share some of my favourite photographs taken in the past year!

Yes I saw Miranda Hart live! And I was this close! *happy face*
I went on a school Geography trip to Somerset back in March, this is me and my friend Trudie looking out at Porlock Bay... Cute times!
Officially my favourite book of all time. 
Mother's Day 2014.
My birthday last year
Bruno Mars October 2013. Life complete.
Last year's holiday to Devon!
Last summer (good action shot of my friend Laura there)
And finally prom last year! Seems like a lifetime ago but miss it so much! I'm 2nd in on the right:)

Amy x

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Summer Snaps

Just a quick blog post today to show you a few pictures I took today in the summer sun! We went out to 'Chasewater' in Staffordshire for a walk in the sun. (Who else is LOVING this British sun by the way?)
The lake is so pretty when the sun light sparkles and bounces off the water, and the dog loved the spilt ice-cream on the floor...
There were also cute baby geese (I think they were geese but I'm no bird expert! Hahaha) all in all it was a really nice day and I even got a opportunity to work on my tan! (Although I'm still as white as flour. Sad face.)

Nice view of the lake... And Bonnie's bum!

How are you enjoying the sun? :)

Amy x

Friday, 16 May 2014

The 3 Ingredient Smoothie

It's probably not the most appealing to look at, but my blueberry and orange smoothie surely tastes good!
We all get cravings for chocolate or sweets, but it's the sugars we crave and not the actual Mars Bar; so by replacing the 'bad' sugars with the 'good' natural sugars, you can still get that sugar fix!
I'm not saying that this recipe is full of natural sugars because you can create more complex smoothies that contain banana's, raspberries, strawberries etc. which will obviously contain more! (I will do a recipe for this at some point :) ) But for those of you (like me) who just want to whiz something up real quick... this is the recipe for you!

The Ingredients!
1 Handful of blueberries
1 Orange
3 Tablespoons of low fat yogurt (I used Greek yogurt here)

The Method!
First, grab a hand-whisk/blender and put the handful of blueberries in.

Next, chop off the peel of the orange and slice in to two pieces.

Then pour on the yogurt and whiz it up!


(I told you it wasn't appealing to look were warned)

Yes it really is THAT simple. You're welcome.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! :)
Amy x