Saturday, 31 August 2013

30 day snap #29

#29 - Bike ride

It was surprisingly difficult to take this picture - apparently holding your iPod to take a photo, trying to steer at quite a pace, and pedalling all at the same time is harder than it looks! Haha :)

But this afternoon I decided to take out the old bike for an hour or so. It was so relaxing listening to music and happily cycling along... Until I fell off.

I'm quite a clumsy person normally but I think falling off a bike is more than a bit clumsy! Luckily no one was around to see and it was down a country lane haha! I'm alright, escaping with a few cuts and bruises!

Oh well, what shall I do tomorrow? Hahaha..

Friday, 30 August 2013

30 day snap #28

#28 - Homemade Smoothie

This morning I thought I'd have a healthy breakfast and make myself a strawberry and pineapple smoothie. It was so delicious! All I did was wash and cut up some strawberries, chop up some pineapple, add some milk and whizz it up in the blender. So quick and simple for a healthy, yet yummy breakfast!!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

30 snap #27

#27 - baking cakes!

Today me and my best friend Laura baked ourselves a rather large cake! Took us most of the day but it's absolutely delicious! The bottom layer is vanilla and the top layer is chocolate. In the middle we spread on some Nutella and on top we made some buttercream. 

Laura - with her brill wooden spoon and rolling pin!

We decided to make it as tall as possible so it's actually two cakes on top of each other! It's was so fun to make, so what's your favourite kind of cake?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

30 day snap #26

#26 - Shopping haul!

Today me and my sister went shopping (again!!) and I picked up a few things. 

The trousers were amazing value at just £7 from Primark! I've been looking for some light blue ones for quite some time so it's quite a bargain if you ask me!

These rings were all part of a 4 pack from Primark. They only cost £1.50! I have a recent obsession for rings and so for this amazing value I couldn't say no!

This ring was from Wallis for £4.25. I don't normally shop there but when walking through a department store this caught my eye. I love the sparkle and the blue matches perfectly with my new nail varnish.

Yes I have bought yet another Barry M nail varnish. At just £2.99 I couldn't resist! This colour is 'blueberry' and I adore it! So on it goes to my ever-growing collection!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

30 day snap #25

#25 - my music...

 I've been playing the flute for around 6 years now and I really enjoy it! I'm currently working towards my grade 5 theory exam which I'm so nervous about! Today I've been working through my books to try and learn everything. 

After my theory exam, I'll be moving on to my grade 7! I'm also really nervous about this  because it's just so difficult haha! But hopefully everything will turn out alright :-)

Monday, 26 August 2013

30 day snap #24

#24 - A day in the garden.

Today is a warm sunny day - hurray! So I thought I'd spend some time chilling in the garden. My dog Bonnie wanted tojoin  me!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

30 day snap #23

#23 - Reading other blogs

As well as writing blogs, I absolutely love reading others. I get so much inspiration from them, different ideas and enthusiasm. The app I use is Bloglovin' which I love! So today I've been searching for new people to follow and read. The blogs I enjoy the most are beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Some of my new favourites are:

If you're reading this and want me to check out your blog, please feel free to comment. However, I would also love for the favour to be returned haha! Following me on Bloglovin' will also be much appreciated! :-)

What blogs do you enjoy the most and have you got a favourite blogger?

Saturday, 24 August 2013

30 day snap #22

#22 - A helpful tip

I love wearing rings, they can really complete an outfit haha! But do you ever get a green mark on your finger where the ring's been? To stop this from happening, just paint the ring with clear nail varnish! This stops the colour from rubbing off and causing the green mark. Handy!

Just a simple helpful tip!

Friday, 23 August 2013

30 day snap #21

#21 - new purchases

Today I went into town to buy more things for sixth form. I ended up buying a new dress, some MORE Barry m nail varnish (can't have enough!), a couple of 'learning to drive' books and some face mist.

This dress was from New Look for £14.99. I love the skater dress style and I really like the lace collar. It's not a bad price at all! I'm still not sure whether it was a good idea getting a dress as the sun probably won't be coming back until next year! Haha!

This is Barry m nail varnish in "mint green". If you read my blogs, you would know that I can't resist these nail varnishes haha! I love this colour and I think it'll go well with the dress :)

I literally cannot wait to learn to drive! My birthday's in November (when I'll turn 17) and so I'll be able to have some driving lessons!! This books will be helpful I'm sure!

MUA 'face mist' - £5. This will be handy I'm sure! I've never tried it before, but hopefully it'll be okay. What do you this of this product? Have you ever tried it?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

30 day snap #20

#20 - results day.

This morning I received my GCSE results! I've had about 5 hours sleep and very tired, but I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be.

I walked away with 12 and a half GCSEs, and so I've passed all of them. I couldn't be happier! So glad all my hard work has paid off and I'm doing the subjects I want to take at A level (English language, media, geography and business studies). 

So now the hard work starts again! (Nooooo) But now I know that all the boring revision and hard work pays off.

Happy me!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

30 day snap #19

#19 - Making bread!

So today boredom led me to attempting to make bread, and it actually turned out really well! I made some cranberry and sunflower seed bread and some plain white rolls.

It takes longer than I thought to make bread because of the time it needs to rise before going in the oven, but it's worth it!!

If you want to have a go at making cranberry and sunflower seed bread (or any of your own concoctions) here's the recipe I used:

Happy baking!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

30 day snap #18

#18 - Bonnie

Bonnie is my 3 year old cocker spaniel who is very hyper but super cute! We bought her home from the kennels today and she was very excited to see us! (She went a little crazy with the tail-wagging!!) Me, mum, dad and my sister took her for a long walk across the fields and she ran for pretty much the whole time! 
I hate leaving her in kennels but it's always so nice to see her after!

Summer holiday favourites

This summer holiday we've been quite lucky and got quite a bit of sun! I've used and bought quite a few make-up products to go with my summery outfits. These are a few of my favourites, along with my 'summer essentials'!

Summer favourites -

Bourjois "healthy mix" foundation.
I love this foundation so much! I bought it quite recently and wasn't sure about it, but after trying it I immediately loved it! It even smells quite nice - kind of a flowery fragrance. It blends nicely with my skin - which I find difficult as I have fairly pale coloured skin - and you only need a little more than one pump! I got it in the shade "51 - light vanilla" which I think is the lightest in the collection! After applying, I use a small amount of powder just to minimise any shine.

Maybelline New York 'Coral Tonic' lipstick.
This is the perfect summery colour for lipstick! It's a bright coral colour which I tend to use when wearing plain clothes.

Bourjois "intense" eyeshadow in 03 (pink)
This is a recent purchase but I've wanted this for a while. It's sparkly once applied, with a hint of light pink. To use as a liner, I dip the eyeshadow brush in some water before using it. This looks good for nights out or when paired with a slightly lighter coloured eyeshadow.
Bourjois "smokey eyes" eyeshadow in 06 ('violet romantic').
I sometimes match the lightest shade here with Bourjois 'intense' eyeshadow in pink (above). I love this trio of colours. The pigmentation is really quite good and I love the colour of the dark purple. I find myself turning to purples this summer, so I thought this product would be the perfect match!

Barry M 'Gelly' nail varnish in 'lychee' (nude).
I've wanted this for ages! And now I've finally got it! YAY! I find it goes with absolutely everything so it's perfect for every summer outfit!

Summer essentials -

My make-up bag - Dorothy Perkins.
Where would I be without this? It's packed up full to the top and I have difficulty closing it sometimes! I use this for holidays or when I'm away and it's just so useful! I love the little bow too :-)
Simple moisturising facial wash.
I've been using this for a few weeks now and it has become part of my routine! I use it once I've removed my make-up in the evenings and it makes my face feel so fresh! You only need a small amount so it doesn't run out very quickly either. I think this is under £5 in Boots so it's pretty good value too.
Alberto Balsam conditioner in 'sun kissed raspberry'.
Is it just me who loves this conditioner? It's affordable and makes your hair smell amazing! Haha! They also do shampoos and in different scents. This has such a summery smell so this has to go on the summer essentials list!!

What are your favourite summer items this year?

Monday, 19 August 2013

30 day snap #17

#17 - travelling home

For the last day we went back to "Mudeford" beach as it was quite a warm sunny day. It's a 4 hour drive home so we left around half 5. It's sad to be leaving, but also I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and my dog (who we had to leave in kennels). I'm so tired tonight as I've spent a long time in the back of a car full to the brim of suitcases and various bags! But all in all I'm glad I'm home and I have really enjoyed the holiday!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

30 day snap #16

#16 - a day by the sea

I'm going home tomorrow! :-( Then after that it's pretty much back to work! I have my GCSE results this Thursday and I'm pretty nervous about it, but hopefully everything will turn out okay.

Today we went to "Mudeford beach" and hopped on the small ferry across to a more secluded, relaxing beach with luxurious beach huts along the edge! It was so sunny today so it was really nice to hear the waves crashing and catch some rays! I think we're going back there tomorrow because we love it so much :) 

Before the beach, we went to a town called Christchurch (no not the one in New Zealand!!) because there was a carnival on. It was fun to see all the floats and the loud music as they went down the street!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

30 day snap #15

#15 - A rainy day

You might think that on a rainy, cold day, you might go to the cinema or something, but we found ourselves walking outside around a small town called "Lymington". It's really pretty and next to a harbour with loads of individual shops on the main streets.We met up with relatives and went for a meal (and I ate way too much again). 

Of course I went into Boots to browse the make-up isle! I have added a few things to make wishlist! Including "Bourjois" blusher, various lipsticks and another "Bourjois" eyeshadow!

30 day snap #14

#14 - Weymouth

I am writing this blog today as I was out all day yesterday! We traveled along the south coast to Weymouth to go to the 'sea life' aquarium. We only stayed there for a couple of hours but it was good fun! 

After, we went up the Weymouth tower which is where you can see for miles out to sea! It was really high!

We then travelled to Milford-on-sea where we're staying in a lovely B&B for three nights! 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

30 day snap #13

#13 - Shopping!

Today we went to Exeter shopping centre! I bought a bag from 'accessorize' which I've wanted for a while to use for sixth form. It's quite big and is a kind of pinky-beige colour with gold fastenings. 

I also bought Bourjois' "healthy mix" foundation, "smokey eyes" eyeshadow (purple) and "intense" eyeshadow (pink). I also got Barry M nail varnish in nude which I've wanted for ages! I love the Gelly collection!

I also bought a new pencil case for sixth form and a gold ring with two hearts on it, but as we are packing tonight (we're travelling to Devon tomorrow) I've seemed to have lost it! :-( Hopefully it'll turn up somewhere haha! I'm so clumsy...

Anyway, what are your recent purchases? :-)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

30 day snap #12

#12 - Best meal ever

To start the day, me, my mum and my sister went for a horse ride. It was 10am and it was raining and really misty. I haven't ridden a horse much before but I had a really good time! My horse was called Joker and he was really cute!

After, we all went to a national trust house called Cotehele. The house was very old and quite interesting. It also had a mill, where there was an old fashioned bakery (which smelled of freshly baked bread - yummy!!) We spent a good few hours there before going back to the apartment we're staying at. 

We booked a meal at "Taylor's restaurant" in Tavistock. It was the best meal I have ever had haha! It was delicious and I would highly recommend it to anyone! I had the "Dartmoor Lamb" which was really high quality!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

30 day snap #11

#11 - a long day

Today has been such a long day! As I write this at 11:15pm I am sitting in a multi-storey car park. Why? Because we decided to go to see a firework show in Plymouth, and we didn't realise just how busy it was going to be! I reckon we'll be stuck here for another couple of hours because of the bad traffic!

Anyway, this morning we went to Dartmoor to take some amazing pictures of the spectacular views.

After, we went along the road and found a little stream with big boulders and rocks in it (which we climbed on of course!) it was really pretty and picturesque! 

We then travelled to a village called "Totnes". Again, a pretty little street with individual shops and bunting along the roofs of the buildings.

And THEN we went to Dartmouth, which is a beautiful town on the harbour. We didn't stay there for very long but I definitely want to go back!

We then visited "Blackpool sands" which was a quiet, relaxing area.

And finally we came to Plymouth to see the firework display! They were amazing fireworks, and I took plenty of photos of them.