Tuesday, 13 August 2013

30 day snap #11

#11 - a long day

Today has been such a long day! As I write this at 11:15pm I am sitting in a multi-storey car park. Why? Because we decided to go to see a firework show in Plymouth, and we didn't realise just how busy it was going to be! I reckon we'll be stuck here for another couple of hours because of the bad traffic!

Anyway, this morning we went to Dartmoor to take some amazing pictures of the spectacular views.

After, we went along the road and found a little stream with big boulders and rocks in it (which we climbed on of course!) it was really pretty and picturesque! 

We then travelled to a village called "Totnes". Again, a pretty little street with individual shops and bunting along the roofs of the buildings.

And THEN we went to Dartmouth, which is a beautiful town on the harbour. We didn't stay there for very long but I definitely want to go back!

We then visited "Blackpool sands" which was a quiet, relaxing area.

And finally we came to Plymouth to see the firework display! They were amazing fireworks, and I took plenty of photos of them.

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