Thursday, 15 August 2013

30 day snap #13

#13 - Shopping!

Today we went to Exeter shopping centre! I bought a bag from 'accessorize' which I've wanted for a while to use for sixth form. It's quite big and is a kind of pinky-beige colour with gold fastenings. 

I also bought Bourjois' "healthy mix" foundation, "smokey eyes" eyeshadow (purple) and "intense" eyeshadow (pink). I also got Barry M nail varnish in nude which I've wanted for ages! I love the Gelly collection!

I also bought a new pencil case for sixth form and a gold ring with two hearts on it, but as we are packing tonight (we're travelling to Devon tomorrow) I've seemed to have lost it! :-( Hopefully it'll turn up somewhere haha! I'm so clumsy...

Anyway, what are your recent purchases? :-)


  1. love the look of the smokey eyes palette, what's the pigmentation like? I hear so many great things about Healthy Mix foundation but I prefer a heavier matte coverage so not sure how well I'd get on with it x

    1. The smokey eyes palette is really nice and suttle once applied. The pigmentation is actually quite good - I love the shade of the darker purple! The healthy mix foundation I've never tried before, but it blends nicely with my skin. I do however put a little powder on after (Rimmel London stay matte) just to minimise the shine. :-) x