Sunday, 18 August 2013

30 day snap #16

#16 - a day by the sea

I'm going home tomorrow! :-( Then after that it's pretty much back to work! I have my GCSE results this Thursday and I'm pretty nervous about it, but hopefully everything will turn out okay.

Today we went to "Mudeford beach" and hopped on the small ferry across to a more secluded, relaxing beach with luxurious beach huts along the edge! It was so sunny today so it was really nice to hear the waves crashing and catch some rays! I think we're going back there tomorrow because we love it so much :) 

Before the beach, we went to a town called Christchurch (no not the one in New Zealand!!) because there was a carnival on. It was fun to see all the floats and the loud music as they went down the street!


  1. good luck with your GCSE results :) the beach looks absolutely gorgeous, wish I was there ha ha!


    1. Thank you Zara! They went really well! Yes the beach was lovely!