Tuesday, 10 September 2013

And it's back to work again...

Okay. So I am officially back to work. All the homework-free days are over, unfortunately, and I have to go back to school. However this year I have started sixth form and so everything is new and weird! I'm not used to the whole idea yet, but I'm loving meeting new people! 

I have taken 4 A-levels = English Language, Media, Business Studies, and Geography. I've had lessons in all of them now and I've really enjoyed them all (even though there's a lot more work haha). I guess it's because they are the subjects I chose to do, so therefore I find it more interesting to learn! 

I also love the independence that's included in sixth form. It's great how, on some parts of a certain day, you can work and study at home. I think I'll prefer A-levels to GCSE's, even though it's tougher!

I've also just got a job!!! Finally! I'm so happy at the moment as everything just seems to be working out haha! It's just weekend work - but it's perfect for me! I need to start saving for driving lessons, so hopefully it'll help! 

Have you started sixth form/college, a new year at school or university? Are you enjoying it? :)

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