Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mini room tour!

About 2 years ago, I redecorated my room from a childish-fairy-wallpaper-type bedroom to a pink-and-black-swirly bedroom. Here's a little preview of my room!

My dressing table was handed down to me from my mum, who got it when she was around my age - which I find pretty cool! I hope that I can continue handing it down for generations to come! On my desk I have perfumes, my LOVE decoration and my owl candle holders:

This is my manikin which I got for my birthday! In the corner, there's a picture of my best friends at prom! 

My wallpaper - well chosen by my sister! The wallpaper was the inspiration for the rest of the decoration for my room.

This was bought for me by one of my friends. It hangs above my bed and in the heart shaped 'O' I have a picture of my dog :) soppy but sweet!!

My little lamp on my bedside table! It was from Dunelm, and I don't think it was expensive either! I love it :)

My heart shaped clock is hung above my curtains. I love how it's in the middle of the sloping ceilings, I don't know why haha!

This is my music stand, and above it is a hand-made board where I put my tickets from the concerts I've been to. Yes, there is only two... But I hope I can build my collection over time!

So there is a few items in my bedroom (yay)! It's very girly and pink, and that's why I love it!

What's your favourite thing in your room?:)