Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Recently loving...

Recently I've been making lists of what I've been loving so these are the new things I've been enjoying!

The Great british bake-off!
Gotta love food, especially when it's all sweet! I never really watch cooking programmes, but this one is more of a competition than a 'how to' kind of thing, which I think is nice!

I've been getting into this recently - what with the gripping storyline and all (although a bit unrealistic, but that's what soaps are all about right?) Hollyoaks is something I watch every now and then when something interesting is happening!

MUA face mist!
For £5 this is definitely a bargain! I'm not saying that my makeup would completely disappear during the day without out this, but it certainly helps in wet and windy weather! 

And last but not least - 
Body shop foundation brush
I'm definitely loving this at the moment! At £12 it's not the cheapest, but it's worth it. It gives an even 'spreading' of foundation (if that makes any sense?) and the bristles don't fall out like other new makeup brushes!

So what are you currently loving??