Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Aaaaaand Breathe...

I'm just going to give you a bit of a life update as I haven't posted in such a long time. 

So what have I been up to?
I'm not too sure what the answer to that question is. The weeks are going SO quickly but I never seem to be up to much! Of course, I still go to sixth form (which is stressy, stressy, stressy). It has been my birthday recently though so that's a plus! Yes, I turned 17 years of age. I find it weird to say that I'm old enough to drive I'm not gonna lie. I went to Birmingham to do some good-old shopping and bought way too much (again) seriously, someone's going to have give me some limits on my spending. I got lovely presents and I saw my lovely friends. I had a great time.
It was also 'awards-evening' at my school where I received my certificates for my GCSEs. It was nice to catch up and talk to my friends who have moved to different schools and gone off to college since leaving school.

Christmassy spirit
I LOVE CHRISTMAS! (I've even started my Christmas shopping - yipee!) I would like to decorate my bedroom Chrismassy too when I get the chance. I would like to nab a few ideas from Zoella's new video on YouTube, which you can check out HERE. WOW her room looks amazing! Its going to take a while just to tidy up my room let alone decorate it. But ALAS I will strive!! Also, it would mean me buying new Christmassy bed sets and candles etc.... I need a limit to my spending! But oooooh what to buy, what to buy?! I love buying Christmas gifts for everyone! Also, Pinterest is excellent for getting ideas! If you want to check out my Christmas board click HERE !

I went Ice-Skating with my friends last Sunday. I had a brill time but I fell over TWICE I tell you - TWICE!! I'm still aching :( But we got some great snaps to go in the album! -

Thank you for reading, as always! 
Amy x

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