Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas gifts!

Merry christmas everyone! Snow is falling, all around us, children playing, having fun... Stop singing... Tis the season, for love and understanding, merry christmas everyone!

So now I have that little sing song out the way with, let's get on with the rest of the blog... or carry on for another few verses?

I don't know about you but I've already consumed half my body weight in carbs (and trust me - that is A LOT of carbs) this winter. I think I might resemble a balloon by the end of Christmas with all the food on offer. Don't get me wrong - I love christmas! I am the greatest lover of it! But I'm afraid it doesn't do me a load of favours with the fatty issue. But hey, it's christmas... What can you do?

My favourite thing about this jolly season has got to be buying christmas gifts! So, as I was out on my travels around many various shops, I noticed quite a few lovely little gifts that might be perfect for you! So for any last-minute buyers who don't have a huge budget like me, here are some ideas for you!

Gifts £5 and under -

There are many cute gift sets in Boots at the moment, but the perfect gift for under a fiver can be quite difficult to get hold of in this day and age! Luckily Superdrug have an awesome range of christmas presents.

Colour unlimited beauty tools - £5
This cute little set has six make up brushes, two nail files, a pencil case and a mirror. I can't believe the price!

Colour unlimited lip squeezies - £2.50
A GREAT price for 6 lip glosses of radiant colours! They're so Christmassy and GLAMOROUS! That's what we want - right girlies!?
( I apologize for the blurry images!)

Colour unlimited nail polishes - £3
For five nail polishes, I think you'll agree that £3 is a super duper price!

Gifts £5 - £15

Colour show nail varnishes - £7.99
Normally £2.99 each, getting 3 for this price is an alright deal isn't it? Again, really festive colours for christmas!
Lipsmackers cupcake lip balm set of 6 - £9.99
I've had a Lipsmackers lip gloss before and it tastes sooooo nice! I would love to try these lip balms (especially when they come in a cupcake tin - how amazing)

I love THE BIG BOX OF LOVE - vanilla and almond - £14.99
Includes - bubble bath, shower créme, body butter, sugar scrub, soap, lip balm and body puff... Perfect!

Gifts for him...
Is it just me or is it totally IMPOSSIBLE to know what to buy for the male species? Here are some things I thought might help in the long and hard decision making process...

Dove men mini traveller tin - £5

Satzuma black touch screen gloves - £6
How annoying is it when you can't use your phone whilst wearing gloves? I could do with some of these nifty little things actually...
F IN RETAKES book - £6 (topman)
I saw this hilarious book in the gift section in topshop/topman the other day for £6. I had a flick through and I tried to hold in my laughter as I was alone in public and would look weird. It's basically a book full of real exam answers (sounds boring at first) but with the most hilarious answers written by students! If you want to give your dad/uncle/grandad/boyfriend a laugh this christmas, be sure to get this!

So hopefully that has given you a few ideas for this year's festivities! 
Hope you enjoy this christmas and have a happy new year!

Amy x

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