Sunday, 20 April 2014

Trip to Aberdovey | Wales

Last Wednesday me and my family drove up to Aberdovey in Wales - a small seaside town. It's our favourite place in Wales and often take road trips there in the summer. The beach is really nice and even has a section where you can take dogs (which is helpful for our hyper-active spaniel!)

We were really with the weather, and although there was a chilly breeze, the sun was shining brightly! We had the classic fish and chips on the beach and didn't get attacked by seagulls this time (that's another story...)

So I got out the camera and got some snaps! 

At the end of the day, we went 'crabbing' - like fishing, but catching crabs instead! We managed to catch 3: two tiny ones and the king of all crabs - seriously it was like the size of my head - which we took back down to the sea after.

All in all we all had a good day in the sun! Have you been anywhere this Easter?

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Amy x

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