Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Meal out | sunny day

Today was a sunny day. I love sunny days; they make me feel happy and productive for some reason. I guess it's because England is always so dull and rainy, but recently it's perked up. So I decided to make the most of it! 

Today I went into my local town centre with my mum and had a cheeky window shop. I did purchase a pair of sunglasses from Topshop, and was tempted at this cute playsuit from New Look which I will eventually go back for I imagine!

After, I met my one of my best friends for lunch and had a bit of a catch up and chatter. Since sixth form, we haven't had any classes together and we really missed each other! So a trip to Weatherspoons was much needed!

Look how yummy these cakes look! I couldn't finish mine, but so nice! (I will burn off the calories. I will.)

Tomorrow I will go for a run (told you I'd burn off those calories!) and then crack on with some A-level revision (yawn). It's also my sisters' birthday this week! Is it me or does anyone else get more excited for other people's birthdays? Haha!

New glasses selfie haha.... Nope not cool.

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