Friday, 2 August 2013

Life update

Sorry I haven't written blogs these past couple of weeks but again I've been really busy! 
Sorry if this seems a little brief, I've already written all of this and It didn't save! So here I am writing it all out again... Life eh?

It was my mums birthday on the 18th July so we went out for lunch-just me and her as dad was at work and my sister was at school. It was quite hot that day but it was pretty relaxing sitting outside catching some rays! The following evening, me and my family met out friends down the pub. It was really nice to catch up with my best friend before she went on holiday!

Have you seen 'Monsters University' yet? Cracking film! I know it's a movie for younger children really, but it was pretty funny! Definitely getting that on DVD when it comes out!

Last Tuesday we met up with my relatives (don't ask me how they are related to me, I really don't know!) there are two girls aged 4 and 6-cute as little buttons they are! Me and my sister ended up playing hide and seek with them for about 4 hours. Exhausting!

On Wednesday I went shopping and bought myself a pair of dark red/burgundy converse. I've been wanting a pair for a long time now so I'm pretty happy with my purchase! As you know I am in love with the Barry M nail varnish collections! I think I have about 7 at the moment. I really want the 'nude' colour from the 'gelly' collection! I almost bought it but I thought I needed to take a break from all the Barry M purchasing or else I'll end up with the whole collection! ... Which I won't mind at all...

Yesterday I went for a bike ride with my friend. We took a picnic and we chilled in the blazing hot sun! We also bought a couple of ice creams and got chased by wasps. All in all it was a really good day!

I'm going on holiday soon with my family. We're going to Devon for a week (staying in a converted chapel) followed by 3 days on Dorset! I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully I'll be taking lots of photos to show you!

Are you going/been on holiday recently? Where did you go?

I hope to keep writing weekly blogs so I'll see you next week!

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